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How to Register for Enduros

The NASA national office has launched a new registration process for enduros. There are two key differences between the old process and the new one:

  1. Team/Car owners no longer assign drivers to teams within their profiles.
  2. Drivers must register themselves for each enduro and assign themselves to the correct team during the registration process.

Instructions for Team/Car Owners

  1. Navigate to the event registration page.
  2. Select the line item “Endurance Racing – Vehicle Registration” and select your class. This is how you register your car.
    • If you are registering more than one team/car for a single event, you will need to go through the registration process for each team/vehicle separately.
  3. If you are also driving on your team, also select the line item “Endurance Racing – Driver Registration”. Then select “Car + Driver Registration”. You can also do this later if you are not sure you will be driving.
  4. As you proceed through the registration process, you’ll reach the section where you declare your team. This is where you will select (if you have already created it) or enter your team’s name.
  5. Once you finish registering your vehicle, inform your drivers to register themselves as drivers on your team for the specific event.

Instructions for Team Drivers

If you are driving on a team and are not responsible for registering the vehicle and team, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the event page.
  2. Select the line item “Endurance Racing – Driver Registration”.
  3. Select the team for which you will be driving. If you do not see the team listed, it is because the team owner has not yet registered the team/vehicle for the event. The team owner must have registered the team/vehicle before you can register to drive on the team.
  4. Complete your registration and the system will automatically add you as a driver for that team.
  5. If you are driving for more than one team, you will go through this process for each team separately.