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Road Racing

How to Go Road Racing With NASA Utah

America is home to some of the most famous and challenging road courses anywhere in the world, and there is no better way to go road racing in the United States than to get on track with the National Auto Sport Association.

Getting Started

If you already have a racing license or have gone through an accredited racing school, going road racing with NASA is easy. Just sign up for a NASA membership, submit a copy of your license or certificate of completion, get a physical from your doctor, pass the written test on NASA rules and apply for your racing license. You’ll be taking the green flag in no time!

If you don’t have a racing license, you can get up to speed with NASA High-Performance Driving Events program. Once you get to HPDE4, you can attend a racing school to get your provisional racing license to begin racing in your local region.

The website has a lot more information on the NASA Road Racing program

It’s hard to drive at the limit, but it’s harder to know where the limits are.

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