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Results and Season Points Updated

Round 5 Results, Results from WERC Utah 6 Hour, and Season Points as of 8/2 are posted!

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the event! It’s time to get registered for Round 6


Event Info, Schedule, Maps, etc…

Round 5 – Outer Loop – 7/29-31
WERC round 4 – Utah 6 Hour – 7/30 – 6pm-Midnight

If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time! We’ll be putting together the schedule this weekend and sending it out by Tuesday. Having everyone registered ahead of time greatly helps us build the best schedule we can.

We’ll have all of our usual HPDE and TT groups, all on the outer loop!

Event Info – 

Information for All Groups

HPDE 1 Driver Info

HPDE 2/3 Driver Info

HPDE 4 / TT Driver Info

Race Group Driver Info

Utah 6 Hour WERC Endurance Race Info

  • PLEASE make sure your team is setup correctly – All correct drivers, correct car info, correct Transponder #
    Registration is open all day Friday – PLEASE come by after 9am and verify with them that your team is setup correctly.
  • Supplemental Regulations – Please Read
  • Team/Driver Declaration (Mandatory) – Each team must have 1 of these filled out by 7/28
  • Pit Space Request (Optional) – If you have rented a GP Garage and want your pit space near it, or if you’re sharing crew with another team and need to be collocated, please let us know.
  • Your ST Classing and Dyno MUST be submitted by Enduro Drivers Meeting on Saturday! 
  • Your endurance race entry includes Saturday afternoon qualifying, and the 6 hour race. All additional sessions will need to be purchased.
  • CHECK YOUR MEDICAL EXPIRATION!  We cannot process medicals on site. If it’s last minute, pay the additional processing fee.

Friday Afternoon extended practice sessions for Race and TT Drivers:

Once again Friday will have enduro test sessions available. This is two extended afternoon sessions totaling more than 2 hours, available for $289. Practice driver swaps, get all your endurance team drivers more practice time, shake down a new TT car.
This is NOT included in the price of the Endurance race

Dyno On-Site!

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing Adrenaline Service & Dyno on-site Thursday – Saturday to do classing, compliance, and anything else you may need a dyno for.
CLICK HERE to reserve a time, and then click the “Book” button

Utah 6 Hour Endurance Race Volunteers

Be part of the excitement of the Utah 6 Hour race!
We’re in need of people to help us staff the pit-lanes on Saturday night from 5pm-Midnight.  If you’d like to help, please RSVP here


Schedule Change

Groups have changed on the schedule for 7/9/22 – Please look again and confirm your schedule says “Updated!” directly below the NASA Logo.

Schedule (PDF)



7/9 Track Saturday!

Here’s all the details for the Trackday this Saturday 7/9. Please make sure you look at the schedule, and read your Driver Info Packet.  We’ll be doing walks and discussions of two sections of track, and have optional clinics to discuss Car Classing and Mental/Event Preparation.

This should be a relaxing, fun day on the east track.

For Everybody:
     Schedule (PDF)
     Paddock Map (PNG)
     FREE NASA BBQ Saturday evening!

     Drivers Information Packet (PDF)

HPDE 2 / 3:
     Drivers Information Packet (PDF)

HPDE 4 / TT / Race Group:
     Drivers Information Packet (PDF)

It’s also time to get registered for NASA Utah Round 5 on the Outer Loop, and for the Utah 6 Hour Endurance Race!


Event Results and Season Points have been posted. We have also posted the 2022 Season Points Rules


Round 4 Schedule, Info and Maps

Round 4 6/17-19 West Track

It’s time for Round 4 on the West Track!

Below is all the information you’ll need for this weekend, please be sure to look at the Drivers Information Packet for your group, check the schedule for your driver’s meetings, and look at the new paddock map.

Below the Driver’s Info Packet links are some notes from UMC about this weekend.

General Info for All Groups

!DRIVER’S MEETINGS! – All driver’s meetings will be in person again, starting this weekend!  Please check the schedule for your meeting time and locationDrivers must attend all Driver’s Meetings for their group

Awards and BBQ – It’s Back!  Saturday night we’re doing awards, and cooking some food for all participants!  We’ll get started at the NASA Garage about 30 minutes after the track goes cold!

Event Schedule (pdf)

Paddock Map (image)

Paddock Speed Limit is 15 MPH

HPDE 1 Info
Drivers Info Packet
See Schedule and Map for Driver’s Meeting Location

HPDE 2/3/4 and TT
Drivers Info Packet
See Schedule and Map for Driver’s Meeting Location

Race Groups
Drivers Info Packet
See Schedule and Map for Driver’s Meeting Location

UMC Information
UMC is now a cashless facility, credit and debit cards only
Throttle Cafe (Cart Center) is open Friday – Sunday
Throttle Cafe only accepts online orders:

Fuel is available. 85, 91, 100, 110
No tire disposal
No drones
We’ll see you all this weekend!

2022 NASA Utah Schedule

3/25-27 – Outer Track – W/ Rocky Mountain – Register Here
4/22-24 – East Track – Register Here
5/20-22 – West Track – Register Here
6/17-19 – West Track – Register Here
7/9 – East Track – Saturday Track Day – Register Here
7/29-31 – Outer Track + 6Hr Endurance Race – W/ Rocky Mountain – Register Here
8/26-28 – East Track – Register Here
10/7-9 – QuadDuro – Register Here

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