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! Attention Racers and TT Competitors !

We have lots of reminders for all NASA Utah Competitors. This doesn’t apply to HPDE drivers, but if you’re trying to make the jump to Competing in 2023 it will apply to you soon.

  • Please renew your NASA Membership and TT or Race License
  • Get your 2023 ST/TT classing done before the first event.
  • Verify your transponder number is listed correctly in your NASA account
  • Check Contingencies, and requirements to earn them
  • Review the CCR – How many of you have read through the rules lately?

For Racers Only

  • New Fire System Rules – You’ve been warned
    • NASA CCR 15.2
      • A fire system meeting SFI specification 17.1 or 17.2, or those listed by the FIA on Technical List No. 16 with a visible SFI or FIA certification decal is required. This system shall include a minimum of two (2) nozzles, one (1) in cockpit and one (1) in engine bay, with manual or auto activation. If equipped for manual activation, an activation point (cable pull or switch) must be located inside the vehicle within reach of the driver while normally seated, belts fastened, and steering wheel in place. If an electric solenoid or switch is used to activate the fire suppression system, it should not lose power when the electrical master switch or vehicle ignition switch is turned off. System cylinders shall be securely mounted with metal bolts/nuts/washers. All systems must be installed, maintained, and used per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the expiration of your NASA Medical – We cannot extend them, bypass them, or grant a waiver.