NASA Utah Season Pass

Here we go racers and enthusiasts, we hope you had a great valentines because it’s time to do a 180 j-turn! Pre-season pricing is going live today, with up to 20% off your racing season. Don’t miss this opportunity to show your friends and family that racing is affordable and you are not insane you really are budget conscious!

Purchase your 2017 Season Pass Here

Head on over to our registration link to learn more. Season passes worked so well last year, we decided to try it again! Starting with the Excelsior, a 7 x 3 day weekend pass for those looking to get an edge on their opponent. The Double Double featuring 7 x 2 day passes for the club racer, giving them ample opportunity to secure their championship. The 6 pack of success is a 6 single day pass promo for the casual enthusiast to enjoy affordable track time with the NASA family!

We’re excited to see all of you again for on-track fun, BBQ’s, Medals, fingernail biting, and High Fives for everyone. All season long we’ll be bringing you the awesome Racing, TT and HPDE experience that you have come to expect from us!

Our 1st event is coming up March 17th! So make sure to plan accordingly. Schedule your annual tech with your favorite local shop before the event to save time!  Air Power, Carpenter Motorsports, DXDT, Ian Lacy Racing, JDP, LYFE, Makes and Models, Tatum Racing, and Turbo Labs, are all happy to help get your annual tech taken care of (TT and Race cars only).

We will be using email, Facebook, and Instagram to stay in touch, with updates every week so stay tuned!

Round 1 Registration OPEN
March 17-19

Registration is Open for Round 1, March 17-19th on the West Track at UMC. 3 days of great HPDE, TT, and Racing, you should join us!

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2017 Schedule

March 17-19 – West Track
April 21-23 – East Track
May 19-21 – West Track
June 9-11 – East Track
July 14-16 – West Track
August 4-6 – Outer Track & 6hr Enduro
September 8-10 – West Track
October 13-15 – TresDuro including Full Track