Season Passes and 2018 Event Prices

Season Passes

Its back! The season pass, here is your opportunity to save a few bucks on your 2018 driving season. Each year we look forward to driving with you, and one of the ways we like to show our appreciation of your support is to provide affordable driving options for all levels of drivers. These passes can be used for HPDE, racing, or TT driving weekends. They are valued at the price of a single day, 2 day, or 3 day pass depending on the pass you purchase. You can always apply a 2 day coupon code towards
the price of a 3 day weekend.

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Grand (Prix) Slam – 21 days: $2699

7 racing weekends, consisting of 3 days of driving each! That’s 21 days of track time! This is probably the best way to enjoy your season with NASA Utah. You will be issued 7 coupon codes to be applied towards your 3 day racing weekends. Still the best value in track time!

Twofer – 14 days: $2149

Discounted to help you put a few bucks towards tires, or maybe some other obscure performance enhancement you need to get the edge on your peers, or maybe save for that vacation with the family! This one is pretty straight forward. 2 days of racing, per weekend, 7 times… Can be used as your Fri/Sat, Sat/Sun, or Fri/Sun weekends! Or maybe you got a hall pass for all 3 days, use this to discount the 3 day weekend!

Singles – 6 days: $1099

Want to save a few bucks on your driving season, but can’t commit to every weekend? Reluctant to plunge head first into our crazy world of racing? How does 6 single day events to use anytime you want this 2018 season sound? This pass will provide you 6 promo codes to use anytime in the 2018 season. Take advantage of preseason savings to enjoy some time with NASA at your leisure!

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2018 Event Prices

HPDE 1 Single Day: $199
Single Day: $229
Two Day: $389
Three Day: $519

Early Registration Discount!

If you register by the Sunday before each event, you’ll get the following rates:
Single Day: $199
Two Day: $359
Three Day: $489

As always, all of our registration dates are open now, so register Early, Register Often!

Reminders for Racers

Racers (Not HPDE or TT), please log-in and check the expiration date of your Race License, and your medical form. Also be aware of the new rule about in-car cameras, ALL racers are required to run at least one forward-facing camera.

2018 NASA Utah Schedule

March 16-18 West Track
April 13-15 East Track
May 18-20 West Track
June 8-10 East Track
July 6-8 West Track
August 3-5 Outer Track w/ 6hr Endurance Race
September 7-9 East Track
October 5-7 TresDuro Outer Track

September 13-16 NASA Championships COTA


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