2017 Annual Tech

LOOK OUT! The season opener is headed right for us!

In just under 2 weeks we will be pounding the pavement on the Utah Motorsports Campus West Track, and we can’t wait to see all your smiling faces! In order to get prepared, this email is aimed at our Race Drivers to talk about annual tech!

Annual tech is pretty straight forward, for those that have had a tech previously, and have made no major changes to the car, it’s as simple as checking the expiration dates on your equipment. Expired belts, and window nets must be updated to current standards. The dates are stamped on these kits. Seats can expire too, but you can always install a seat brace if your seat is in good condition! This will allow you to continue using your expired seat!

Helmets expire, check the date! All road racing helmets should be SA2010 or newer rating! Basically it’s 10 years folks. Also even if you don’t have a beardy face, wearing a balaclava can keep your helmet padding nice for many years. The added protection is a nice bonus.

Suits, underwear, gloves, shoes… These items do not expire… but they do get worn out. Holes in your nomex fire protection suit are clearly a bad idea. If your suit is torn, it won’t pass a visual inspection. We see lots of drivers wearing their suits when they work on the car, this seems like a terrible idea in hind sight. Pro-tip even if you have a 3 layer super suit, it doesn’t hurt to wear nomex undies for added protection, but it also helps keep your suit a bit fresher! And modern nomex undies are very light and breathable materials, so they don’t weigh you down.

If you are getting tech/Logbook for a new car, please print off the annual tech inspectors form found here:

Go over it carefully, and if you have questions please reach out to matt@nasautah.com there are many items that may not apply to your car. For example, drive shaft hoops are only required on front engine, rear wheel drive cars. And nearly all factory drive shafts have them incorporated into their center bearing carrier. This rule is for drivers that choose to use an aftermarket drive shaft. Have a fire bottle, and no extinguisher? Ignore the extinguisher items…

You may also notice the driver exit test, there is a 10 second test, and a 15 second test through the window. You only need the window test if your door DOES NOT open. Please practice these exit tests with your HANS and helmet. Create a mantra (belts, wheel, kill switch, door, exit) until it becomes 2nd nature. Perform the test regularly throughout the season. Occasionally your race director will require you to perform this test for us.

New race cars should plan to be thoroughly inspected. Take your car to our friends at Air Power, Carpenter Motorsports, DXDT, Ian Lacy Racing, JDP, LYFE, Makes and Models, Tatum Racing, and Turbo Labs to get inspected PRIOR to the event to save time! All race cars MUST have completed inspections prior to Saturdays sessions!