Tech Inspections

HPDE Tech Inspections

HPDE Technical Inspection Form (PDF)

HPDE Tech can be completed at any auto repair facility by an SAE certified mechanic, or it can be completed on-site the morning of a NASA Utah event.

TT and Race, Annual Tech Inspections
Annual Race Car Inspector’s Form (PDF)
Fuel Cell Certification Form (PDF)

TT and Race, Annual Tech Inspections must be completed by a NASA Utah approved shop. Take your car to our friends at Air Power, Carpenter Motorsports, DXDT, Ian Lacy Racing, JDP, LYFE, Makes and Models, Tatum Racing, and Turbo Labs. They’ll complete your tech inspection, then you’ll need to bring your completed tech form to Alex or Glen in the Tech Garage, and they’ll trade it for your annual sticker!