Get your street car, on track!

Start Driving on Track

Learn to drive your car fast,
in a controlled environment!

NASA Utah’s HPDE are a way for you to take your street car on a race track, and learn all about High Performance driving. HPDE is a 4 step system targeted at increasing your driving skills, and enjoyment in a controlled environment.

Start Here --> HPDE 1 - You’ll receive guidance from experienced instructors in both a classroom and via one-on-one instruction in your car. For safety, passing areas are very restricted in HPDE 1. If this is your first day with NASA Utah, this is where you'll want to start.

HPDE 2 - Your instructor has determined you can drive on your own with less supervision. You apply what you learned in the Group 1 sessions for more practice. Passing areas are still limited.

HPDE 3 - You have progressed to the world of high performance driving. The passing rules in HPDE 3 are not as strict. You must learn to share the track at high speeds with others.

HPDE 4 - No passing restrictions, except those of good judgment and rules of the road etiquette, apply. You and your peers are now experiencing the joys of doing it right in a relatively safe and controlled environment!

Getting started in HPDE is as easy as 1 2 3

  1. Register for your first HPDE 1 day, and get your NASA Membership
       Register for 5/22 and/or 5/23
       Register for 6/19 and/or 6/20

  2. Make sure you and your car are ready
    Please read our HPDE 1 Welcome Letter

  3. Show up the morning of your event, ready to have fun, and go fast!

What do I Need?