6hr Enduro – 8/1/2020


NASA Utah is excited to host The Utah 6 Hour, part of the Western Endurance Racing Championship.  Please keep an eye on this page for current info, schedule, notices, and whatnot.

Quick Links:

Enduro Information:

Endurance Entry:
$349 – If you’ve entered 2 days in any other group during the weekend, this is the Enduro entry for you!

$449 – If you’re ONLY racing the Enduro, and no other Race or TT sessions all weekend, this is the entry for you

Enduro Test Sessions 7/31:
In addition to our standard Friday test and tune sessions, we’re going to offer extra practice sessions! These sessions are open to Race Licensed and TT Licensed drivers and cars.   These were a big hit in 2019, a great way to try an extended open session for things like practicing driver changes, and fuel economy testing, or just getting all your drivers familiar with the course!

Enduro Test Sessions are $249 per car – All Drivers must have a TT or Competition license, and a current NASA membership.

Team Declaration:
In addition to the standard team declaration in your NASA Pro Racing account, we are requiring each team to fill out this form.

Pit Space & Garage Declaration:
All teams, please have one representative fill out this form so we can assign pit spaces near GP garages.  All teams/vehicles that are not in GP Garage spaces MAY be assigned spaces in the west pit lane based on entry numbers.

GP Garages can only house two cars at this event, Day Garages can only house one.

Tow Fund:
Thanks to a generous grant from the Tooele Tourism Tax Board, we have a tow fund available of $175 per car to the first 25 teams from outside Tooele County that apply for it

Pit Lane Assistance:
If you’d like to help monitor the pit lane for this event, please send an email to Dave@nasautah.com
This is a fun way to be involved with the enduro if you’re not quite to a point of racing in it yet.

Register Now!

Garages and Camping

Garage reservations can now be made online
For garage questions, RV and Power reservations please contact reservations@umcampus.com or 435-277-RACE (7223)

If you have more questions, email enduro@nasautah.com

Covid Rules:

  • Friends and Family are invited!  They will need to follow the same rules about masks and social distancing as all drivers.
  • Nose and Mouth coverings are 100% required. These will need to be worn whenever you are in public areas. You will not need to wear these in your vehicles, or if sitting alone in your paddock space. These can be a homemade mask, a bandana, a balaclava, etc., but they need to be able to stay on your face while you use your hands. You will need to provide these yourselves.
  • UMC is requiring temperature to be taken at the front gate to enter the facility. This will happen each time you enter the gate.
  • All participants will need to practice social distancing, and all paddock parking will need to be done with this in mind.
  • Day garages will only be allowed to house 1 vehicle (parked in the middle. GP garages will only be allowed to house 2 vehicles (nose to tail)
  • No ride-alongs, no exceptions
  • Registration by credit/debit card only. No cash
  • No BBQ and Awards ceremony
  • Read the NASA National Policy – Some of our policies will be more restrictive because of Utah State, and UMC guidelines.