2016 Open Wheel Championship

Open Wheel Racers and Friends,

NASA Utah is disappointed to announce that we will be unable to host the 2016 season Open Wheel championship in its original, planned form. It has been rewarding to be the only NASA region running an open wheel championship since we started in 2013, but after much deliberation, and a great deal of effort we have come to this difficult decision.

Going into 2016 we worked closely with The Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) to create an opportunity for growth in the Open Wheel group, and we planned and built a program based around some key components that have unfortunately been postponed. This means we are not able to provide the support, and venue for the Open Wheel group that we have in the past.

We are still in active discussions with UMC to explore options, and find a way to keep the Open Wheel racers on track. We will contact you immediately if we’re able to come up with a promising solution.


Dave Kizerian
Matt Guiver
Cheri Miller